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What to expect

My happy client voices all agree: I create an atmosphere of safety where you can free yourself from your emotions. You'll feel understood and heard. Yes, you will probably cry, but also laugh :)

I'm known for my honesty, but I'm never heartless. I won't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Why? I only want the best for you and experience has shown that happens when you face the truth.

Oh yeah, I'm also quite a science nerd. You rarely meet me without a study to back up what I'm saying. Trust me with your breakup and relationship issues to finally get the love life you deserve.

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You're right here if..

Your heart aches
You want to get past your past/breakup and be happy again
You're about to break up or want clarity in your relationship
You understand that you can only change yourself
You keep hearing what a great person you are, but always end up with the wrong people when it comes to love
You find it difficult to express your wants and needs
You always give, but have partners who don't appreciate you
You find it difficult to say "no" and set boundaries

You're wrong here if..

You're looking for strategies to get your ex back
You always want to change others, but not yourself
You just want pity and not work on the situation
You only want to blame others for your suffering
You‘re looking for strategies on how to disguise yourself to find love
You want to learn how to manipulate other people
You are enough. There's nothing wrong with you. I'm not here to fix or change you. I'm here to tear down your protective walls with you so you can have the love life you deserve.


3 sessions
save €10 / session* 33000
5 sessions
save €16 / session* 52000
8 sessions
save €20 / session* 80000
* Single Session: 120€ / 50 minutes


5 steps to happiness


release all emotions

Whether anger, shame, sadness, or fear - free yourself from the feelings that are bothering you. I'm here to really listen and understand. No judgement!


Realize why certain dynamics were/are there and didn't work. We bring unconscious patterns into your consciousness so you can proactively steer your future path.

be brave & let go

Letting go of old burdens means stepping out of your comfort zone and floating in insecurity for a while - but you'll create space for new experiences that you never dreamed of before.


Real change happens outside of the coaching room. You get tools for real life. It's up to you to implement them. Everything you need to handle any situation is already within you.

enjoy your new life

With discipline and patience, you'll achieve the goals we have set. Be proud, it takes a lot of courage to get up again after a low and to work on yourself. You are invincible!

Why me?

What makes me different

In 2020 I did a life-changing boot camp by one of the leading breakup experts in the US. I combine methods from the most successful breakup program in the world (GPYB) with current scientific findings on the breakup and grieving process.

As a certified relationship coach, I immediately recognize critical patterns and communication barriers. My work integrates insights from experts like Esther Perel, John M. Gottman or Stefanie Stahl. I'm currently deepening my knowledge of real intimacy with Tantra & Love expert Layla Martin.

Ultimately, I'm an expert thanks to my own experience. I've been through 3 painful breakups and at the time I thought I'd never be able to smile again. If you now look at my photos, you know the end of the story :-)

Any more questions?

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