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Get past your past.
Create the love life you deserve.

Get past your past. Create the love life you deserve.

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Hi, I'm Anja.

I'm a certified Relationship Coach and Breakup Pain Expert. I'll help you regain your self-confidence and happiness after a bad love experience.

After my last relationship, my self-esteem and hope were at rock bottom. Then I invested $1,000 in a boot camp with a leading breakup expert. Today I'm confident and immediately recognize who can really fulfill my needs in a relationship.

My breakup was the best thing that has happened to me and has completely transformed my love life. You can too!

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  • Anja is a super-trustworthy person who provides the space to learn a lot about yourself and your relationships. You can tell that everything she does, she puts her whole heart into it and is 100% focused on you as a person - no distractions, absolute professionalism, full focus. Even an online session feels as if you were there in-person.
    Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, I can advise anyone who would like to get to know themselves a little better to take advantage of Anja's offer. I myself would and will do it again and again, regardless of my relationship status.
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    27 years
  • Anja's support was extremely helpful to me and I can recommend her to anyone who would like to actively work on relationship issues.

    Shortly before our first meeting, I broke up with my girlfriend and was therefore looking for advice and structure. Working out my perspective on relationships together was particularly valuable - this made me aware of what I was really looking for and what I value.
    To this day, this realization has helped me a lot to fundamentally revise my approach to relationships. In addition, Anja is an extremely loving and empathetic personality who knows how to listen and ask the right questions. The work with her was unique because it wasn't just about dealing with a break-up but also resulted in many other insights that we were able to work through together.

    I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from Anja and can warmly recommend her.
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    30 years
  • I came to Anja because I was trapped in a toxic relationship for 1.5 years and unfortunately it was very difficult for me to process it.

    At first it was difficult for me to imagine how I could open up to a stranger and talk about my deepest worries and fears. However, I really have to say that Anja has a very pleasant manner. She's a really good listener and you feel comfortable and confident from the start which made the conversation so much easier.
    My concerns all went away and for the first time, I felt like I was understood by the person I was talking to and also had the opportunity to say whatever I was thinking (because I knew I wasn't being judged for it).

    I really have to admit that talking to Anja helped me because I understood that I have to work on myself, what I can do, and also where the problems lie. Through the conversations, I also found out other things that seemed to have weighed on my subconscious and was therefore able to do something about it right away. I didn't realize the magnitude of these things before.

    I am very grateful for this experience and have very positive memories of the conversations with Anja. If I may give some advice to other people with a similar experience: It's okay if difficult relationships take longer to process and it's perfectly okay to seek outside support. I'd always do it again like that.
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    25 years
  • We came to Anja as a very young couple and with her help worked on strategies for better communication and dealing with conflict situations. Not only did she always listen to us in a nonjudgmental and interested manner, but she was also able to give valuable input in every situation and do suitable "exercises" with us. All this despite the fact that at our young age we are probably not the average target group.

    To this day, we frequently work with methods that Anja showed us.

    Thank you, Anja.


    21 & 24 years
  • With Anja's help, I was able to gain a lot of clarity in an unclear situation. Thanks to her patience, professionalism, and kindness, I was able to find the courage to make difficult decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation!


    35 years

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